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Ear Waxing, Nostril Waxing and even Cheek Waxing

The massive growth in the Male Grooming market has let to the creation of several new treatments to aesthetically improve the modern man's appearance

Unfortunately, age catches up with all of us!

What comes with age, for us gents, may include tufts of hair petroding from the ear canal and nostrils

Anyone who has used tweezers to pull hairs from your nose will understand the agony involved, and long gone are the days of sticking a rotating blade up your nose to remove these hairs

Nostril Wax ... less than 5 minutes only £10.00

Nostril waxing involves a small amount of hot sensitive wax being used to remove the hairs at the bottom of the nose in one quick movement

Ear Waxing for Men ... less than 5 minutes only £10.00

Ear Waxing. We use hot wax to remove any hairs from the Lobule, Helix and Tragus areas of the outer ear and any hairs protruding from the ear canal

Cheek Line Waxing ... less then 5 minutes only £10.00

Cheek Line Waxing gives a sharper, cleaner look to the modern beard. Using hot wax to take any stray hairs between the main line of the beard and underneath the eye - this is an area that most men neglect when shaving or tidying the beard yet it does make a big difference to the finish of any designer stubble

Full Beard Waxing ...  only £25.00

Tired of shaving?  Try the ultimate facial waxing treatment and have your entire beard waxed off to be smooth for ages

Once again, these are specialist treatments

Trust in the Experts!

or call 07960266141

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