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Chest & Abdomen Waxing

If you are going on holiday and want to show off those pecs and abs you have been working so hard on, or if your wife is simply nagging you to become fuzz free, the Chest and Abs Wax is the ideal way to completely change the appearance of your upper body - nothing enhances muscle definition more than a smooth tummy

The Chest and Tummy wax can be a painful experience in the hands of someone not specially trained in Male Waxing!

Chest hair can be thick, curly, coarse and grow in many directions - this is a recipe for pain!

At Wax For Men Manchester all of our specialist training and experience is in the field of male waxing

Our methodical procedure for Chest and Abdomen waxing is designed to be as fast and as pain free as possible

Put yourself in the hands of the experts!

Chest Wax

Abdomen Wax

Chest & Abdomen Wax

Chest Abdomen & Shoulders

only £25

only £20

only £35

only £40

or call 07960266141

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