Specialist Male Waxing - Wax For Men Manchester
Back & Shoulder Waxing is by far the most popular
Male Grooming Treatment around

Whether you are sporting a full back of hair or just a few unsightly patches - You are not alone!

The Back Wax is the number one treatment amongst clients at Wax For Men Manchester

Due to this we have developed an impressive procedure for the Back Wax that takes no more than
10 minutes, with minimal discomfort!

Does your therapist spend up to 45 minutes waxing your back?  Is it agony?
This is because colleges do not train beauty therapists how to wax men!

At Wax For Men Manchester we only Wax Men!
All of our specialist training and experience is in the field of male waxing

Put yourself in the hands of the experts!

Back Wax                         only £30

Include your shoulders
(Down to the T Shirt line)
for just £5 more

Back & Shoulder Wax        only £35

or call 07960266141