Specialist Male Waxing - Wax For Men Manchester
Back Sack & Crack or BSC
Male Brazilian / Male Hollywood

Wax For Men Manchester Specialise in Male Intimate Waxing
Trained by Kim Lawless 'The Wax Queen' Our Male Therapist has over 6 years experience
of men's intimate waxing

In that time, we've seen it all!  So there is no need to be shy or embarrassed

What do you actually want?  Male Hollywood? Male Brazilian? Full BSC?

Most first time clients have no idea what areas these treatments actually include and sometimes different therapists / salons have different meanings for each one

So at Wax For Men Manchester we make it easier
We don't use confusing names like Boyzilian or Mankini
We break the treatment down in to specific areas, so we only wax what you want us to wax
Simply tell us how many areas you would like

Crack Waxing and Buttocks waxing

There are 4 main areas -

Pubic Triangle
Penis and Sack

1 Area   £30.00

2 Areas   £40.00

3 Areas   £50.00

4 Areas   £60.00
(Includes FREE Speedo wax)

4 Areas & Full Back              £70.00
4 Areas Back & Shoulders   £75.00

All Male Intimate Waxing will be
carried out by a male, Qualified
Kim Lawless Trained Therapist

The commonly named Back, Sack and Crack Wax was made famous by football legend
David Beckham (aka Golden Balls) in the 90s.  Since then the popularity of the
Male Intimate Wax has rocketed.  It is currently the one of the most popular treatments at
Wax For Men Manchester (only beaten by the Back wax)

Our Back Sack & Crack clients come from all age groups, backgrounds and ethnicities
and is not restricted to sports stars and athletes

The treatment itself should take no longer than 30 minutes
We only use sensitive hot wax for intimate areas

As with all waxing, the hair is being pulled from the follicle so, yes you will feel it
but the pain is never as bad as you imagine

We perform, on average 5 or 6 Male Brazilians / Male Hollywoods every day

So trust us we are the experts

or call 07960266141