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Underarm Waxing - How To Avoid Sweaty Armpits 
and Embarrassing Sweat Patches

Removing armpit hair makes you less prone to underarm perspiration and bacteria build up,
which often leads to unpleasant armpit odour

Yes, growing armpit hair encourages bacterial activity on sweat thus, encouraging more odours Crowded underarm hairs facilitate more sweat production in these depth regions and causes stronger odours

Underarm Waxing is a quick and simple way to remove hair from the armpit
At Wax for Men Manchester we use a sensitive Hot Wax for armpit waxing to reduce any discomfort

Underarm Waxing for Men ... less than 5 minutes     only £15.00

Arm Waxing - Show Off Those Biceps

Lots of men these day are opting to wax their arms to give them a smoother, less ape like appearance, to show off muscle definition or to get a better tan on those sunny days

Hand and Arm Waxing is another popular treatment among clients at Wax for Men Manchester

Hand Waxing for Men                                         only £ 5.00

Half Arm Wax ... includes hands or shoulders     only £20.00

Full Arm Wax ...  includes hands and shoulders   only £30.00

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